Differential Pressure Switch

A differential pressure switch is an electro-mechanical device which is used for detecting a difference in pressure between two points.

When connected to two pressure sources, the differential pressure switch can be used as an alarm to make or break a circuit as the pressure increases or decreases beyond the preset value. The internal diaphragm within the differential pressure switchreverts under pressure to make the contact; this could be either a SPST or SPDT contact. The set point can be factory preset or field variable.

These high-quality differential pressure switches have been developed particularly for safety-critical applications. The high quality of the products and manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure consistent monitoring of your plant. In production, the switches are traced by quality assurance software at every step then are 100 % tested.

Differential pressure switches tend to be used for energy convertible or preventative maintenance, for example; monitoring air filters for blockages. As the filter clogs or blocks up, the pressure on the high side will increase and once at the activation point, the pressure switch will change state.

Applications :
  • Monitoring and control of filters, compressors and pumps in: Marine boilers, pressure vessels, bilge-water collection
  • Drinking and cooling-water treatment plants
  • Pressure-boosting stations
  • Heating technology
  • Fire-extinguishing systems
Special Features :
  • Differential pressure switch with one or two variable micro switches
  • Robust aluminum case with shatterproof window
  • Optionally with Ex approval
  • High ingress protection, IP65, for outdoor use and procedures with high condensation
  • Low measuring range from 0 to 250 mbar
Applications for Differential Pressure Switches :
    • Air proving • Fans • Ventilation flow • Air filter health/status • Exhaust ducts • Cleaning and purification • Dirt and dust filter loading • Combustion exhaust venting • Exhaust/flue airflow blockage • Flue gas • Air conditioners • Heating/venting blower fan • Gas pressure

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