Pressure Switches For Hazardous Location

Orion Instruments Pressure switches for hazardous location are explosion-proof, hermetically sealed and approved to be used in hazardous locations worldwide wherever explosive or corrosive atmospheres exist. Our pressure switches are utilized in risky locations for oil & gas, refineries and petrochemical applications wherever crucial safety, alarm and close-down functions are needed.

The explosion-proof construction provides superior protection, whereas its compact style allows for simple integration into custom instrumentality or systems. This model is good for pressure alarm, close-down or management inside risky are as once restricted size and method compatibility are required.

An explosion-proof pressure switch for hazardous location and additionally for additional safety, security, and protection wherever fireplace and explosion safety are crucial. The pressure switches’ explosion-proof construction provides harsh surroundings advanced heavy protection, whereas the switches’ compressed style permits for a modest integration into custom-made systems or instrumentality. Orion Instruments explosion-proof series provides a forged metal housing that's each explosion-proof and weather-tight.

Key Features :
  • Compact, 316 stainless-steel construction.
  • Explosion-proof housing provides inflexible protection.
  • Wide in operative temperature (-40° to 89°C).
  • Factory set or field adjustable point.
  • Expanded choice of pressure and electrical connections.

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