Pressure Difference Switch

Pressure Difference Switch

Pressure differential is the pressure difference switch that exists between facts. This is highly related for regular pressure measurement, particularly in industry. It also defines the fluid power that exists per each unit and is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A Pressure Difference Switch is an electro-mechanical device which is used for sensing a difference in pressure between twin points.

There are binary main types of pressure switches:

Mechanical (electromechanical)

Electronic (solid state)

Pressure Difference Switch tend to be recycled for energy convertible or preventative maintenance, for sample; observing air filters for blockages. As the filter clogs or blocks up, the pressure on the extraordinary side will growing and once at the activation point, the pressure switch will alteration state.

Purpose Of Pressure Differential Switch :

Used for control purposes, a differential vacuum switch is designed to sense a difference in pressure between double pressure sources. When the vacuum pressure from two dissimilar sources in a process is connected to a sensing diaphragm, the pressure alteration creates a significant force.

Special Features :
  • Standard type and with ATEX / IECEX approval
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof version
  • Adjustable setpoint and deadband
  • Measuring ranges from -2.5...2.5 mbar to 2.5...30 bar
  • Static pressure: up to 220 bar
  • Intrinsic safety & explosion proof

Advantages :
  • Highest quality, accurate and reliable
  • Ranging from -2,5...2,5 mbar to 2,5...30 bar
  • Static pressure max. 220 bar
  • Intrinsically safe or explosion proof for hazardous part zone 0, 1, 2, 21, 22

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