Industrial Pressure Switch

Industrial Pressure Switch (IPS) is an electromechanical device that senses changes in pressure and delivers electrical contact ends at fixed pressure values. IPS Pressure Switches are meant for use with oil, water, air, steam and other non-destructive pressure mediums. They are NOT designed for use with any refrigerant gases. IPS Pressure Switches are used on a wide-ranging variety of applications: Pumps Control, Compressors, Turbines, Lubrication Systems, Condensers, Process Boilers, and Controls in conjunction with Solenoid Valves

A pressure switch opens or closes a parallel switch contact as soon as a fixed pressure is reached. Depending on the necessity, pressure switches are used with mechanical or electrical switch contacts, with or without displays and with numeroussetting possibilities.

Pressure switches are used in a variability of industrial and technical processes − in the broad WIKA selection you will find the right form for each application.

Industrial pressure switches measure as well as control the pressure of air and liquids.

Pressure switches are electromechanical controls and limiters, that control the pressure of air and liquids in a given pressure range.

An industrial pressure switch is consist ofof the three main components:
1) The sensor
2) The housing
3) The switching element.

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