What is Differential (Deadband Hysterisis) ?

Differential is the difference between the actuation point and the deactuation point.


What are Wetted parts ?

The parts which come in contact with the working medium


How do I set the Vacuum / Pressure Switch ?

Please go to the individual product page and select the model you want to set. After the individual product page is loaded, click on the instruction manual and follow the setpoint procedure.


What is Orion ?

Orion is brand


What is transaction cost and why is it levied ?

For cost sensitive OEM and compact pressure switches, we normally quote exworks in USD. For every export transaction we incur following costs which are not under our control : a) bank charges levied by the bank for filing papers per transaction to Reserve Bank of India b) inward remittance charges of correspondent / intermediary bank of the client These charges are on an average 60 USD per transaction, which become significant for a shipment less than 700 USD in value. These are waived if the order value per shipment is more than 700 USD.


How to make payment ?

A/C Name: KAUSTUBHA UDYOG , Bank: Citibank India P


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