Explosion Proof Pressure Switch

An explosion-proof pressure switch provides additional safety, security, and protection where fire and explosion safety is serious. Theexplosion-proof pressureoffersweighty-duty protection, while the switches compressed design permits for humble integration into customized systems or equipment. Solon’s explosion-proof sequencedelivers a cast aluminum housing that is equally explosion-proof and weather-tight.

Explosion-Proof Pressure Switch Features & Benefits :
• Explosion-proof
• Cast-aluminum housing
• Weather-Tight
• Pressure sensing elements
• UL approved for hazardous locations

Explosion proof pressure switch Applications :
An explosion-proof pressure switch suitable for numerous types of potentially hazardous applications. These types of security and safety issues can contain safety panels with pump and gas compressors, turbines, or other types of similar validconditions. Explosion-proof pressure switches are also considered for hazardous locations where an explosion-proof switch is necessary.

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